John Spence CBE DL


Proud to be made in Scotland, a man of Essex, and thoroughly British.

Having lived and/or worked in Edinburgh, Dublin, Merseyside, Tyneside, Bristol and London, Yvonne and I love the richness and diversity of the British Isles. We have lived in Essex for over forty years and know it to be so much more than its TV image or that flat bit to the east of London.

The following page charts a busy life where one is privileged to work in brilliant organisations with wonderful people. Taking part in them is probably more selfish than selfless, more self-indulgence than self-sacrifice. It is a particular honour to be at the heart of Essex.

But don't let the appointments squeeze out the first paragraph. A truly exceptional wife, three great children with their superb spouses, Isabel, Christopher and Steven, and a club of five grandchildren who love being together, are more than I could ever wish or deserve. My thanks to everyone who makes my life so rich.